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COVID-19 Update: HyFiber is still open for business. The demands on network infrastructures is greater than ever and we’re proud to be playing our part in keeping our nation’s workforce productive. As an essential business in Texas, we are busy supplying cables, assemblies, testing equipment and installation services to a wide range of customers. We are following CDC guidelines here at HyFiber to ensure the safety of our customers and employees, and we’ve had to pause some of our public-facing activities, including our Fiber101 training.

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Who We Are

HyFiber Industries LLC is a premier U.S. manufacturer of high quality fiber optic cables, copper cables and assemblies, fiber patch panels, hybrid cable assemblies and a wide variety of custom cabling solutions for businesses, data centers, as well as large venues.
Our commitment to you is:
1. Service
- Reliable, professional, responsive.
2. Quality
- Building premium products that meet or exceed your requirements.
3. Execution - Delivery on time and on budget.

CAT 6 RJ12 assemblies

What We Do

HyFiber provides custom fiber optic cables and copper cable solutions. From a layer 1 product to a true turnkey solution, we can help to overcome challenges faced by the most complex environments, including data center cabling and cabling for large venues (Major League Baseball).
Our custom fiber patch panels built with components from top of the line manufacturers allows HyFiber to provide the best quality and price in the market. Ask about our fiber optic cable installation services!

Custom Cable Services:

HyFiber Industries LLC is a small business with a big vision.

HyFiber is a leading US fiber optic cable company, located in the DFW area of Texas. Trusted by leading companies nation-wide, including many of our nation’s largest sports stadiums, HyFiber excels at providing top quality reliable cables, fiber optic cables and assemblies, copper cables and custom fiber patch panels. We provide highly personalized, professional service in addition to an endless selection of standard fiber cables and copper cables, custom cables, and hybrid cables and assemblies. Our team is able to provide rapid turnaround for your build to print proposals, or build-to-spec requirements. Our HyFiber prototyping capabilities can be used to support engineering development, prototyping, modifications including:

Traceable patch cables

New Product Alert!

Check out our new line of traceable fiber and traceable copper cables


Recent news here at HyFiber:


We are now certified to sell, install, and perform warranty service on Hubbell’s complete line of copper and fiber optic cabling solutions. Call HyFiber today to learn how we can help you  with the design and installation of your voice or data network infrastructure. →VIEW OUR CERTIFICATE


As part of our commitment to building the highest quality and safest industrial control panels (ICPs), HyFiber is now compliant with the UL 508A Standard For Industrial Control Panels.


12/9/2019 – This week we conducted Fiber 101 training sponsored and led by both HyFiber and INNO Instrument. Eight network technicians from MLB (Major League Baseball), as well as two representatives from INNO Instrument joined us for our all-day training session on fiber, and INNO fiber splicing and testing equipment. →LEARN MORE…

Need custom cables? Looking for a custom fiber optic cable company? Pre-term fiber cables? FTTA fiber optic assemblies? You’ve found a partner who will deliver top quality cables, as well as unmatched service and cable industry knowledge.

When you work with us for your cables, custom cables and assemblies, you get much more than a reliable fiber optic cable, RJ45 assembly, copper patchcord, fiber optic jumper cables, or custom fiber optic box build. You get a partner who will take the time to understand your challenges, and strives to become your partner of choice for all of your cable needs. 

Benefits of Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic cables use light to transmit data. It’s no secret that fiber optic cables have much greater bandwidth than copper cables, including Cat5 and Cat6 copper cables. Singlemode fiber cables can deliver up to twice the bandwidth of multimode fiber, as well as up to 50 times greater transmission distances. If you’re looking for custom cabling solutions, the available options can be overwhelming. Fiber cables offer many other distinct advantages over copper cables. Here are a few:

Greater Bandwidth

There is currently no cabling technology that offers greater bandwidth potential than fiber cables. Fiber cables will significantly outperform copper cables of the same diameter, when it comes to moving data (bandwidth).

Faster Data Delivery Speeds

By using light to transmit data, fiber optic cables deliver data much faster than copper cables, and have much less signal degradation than with copper cables.

Improved Reliability

Fiber isn't susceptible to many of the conditions that can impact copper, or your traditional cable internet. Temperature changes, moisture and weather can call impact the reliability of copper cable. Not so with fiber.


Even if your existing environment isn't built around fiber, media converters give us the flexibility to integrate fiber into your environment. Yes, twisted pair, Cat5, Cat6 will work alongside fiber. Our custom, modular patch panel solutions can be designed to meet your needs for today, while giving you flexibility for the future.

This isn’t meant to proclaim fiber as the solution for every setting. Identifying the right cabling solution requires the right expertise, and cable installation experience.  Whether copper cable solutions, or fiber optic cable solutions are the right fit for your environment, the team at HyFiber is here to answer all of your wiring products questions. 

Looking For A Top Quality Fiber Cable Manufacturer? Need Custom Copper Cables or Assemblies? Work with the experts!

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