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custom cable assemblies

When "out of the box" cables won't do

Pre-manufactured or off the shelf cables aren’t always the ideal solution. For your unique cabling needs, HyFiber is proud to offer our custom build-to-order cable assemblies. Have precise cable specifications? Not a problem. HyFiber can accommodate a wide range of requirements, and quantity needs. Unsure of the best options for your environment? We’re here to help! We’ll take the time to understand all of the variables and make the best recommendations for your specific needs. 

We Can Produce All Types Of Hybrid/Composite Cables

Custom cables

Phase I - Raw Cable Design

FIBER and COPPER combinations under 1 jacket. (you design it we will make it)

Custom fiber optic cables

Phase II - Raw Cable Design + Termination Ends

FIBER and COPPER combinations under 1 jacket. Termination ends Fiber connectors and copper power ends

If you have a specific cable design you’d like us to build, send us your specifications, and we’ll build it for you. The available cable configuration options are numerous, and often overwhelming. If you’re looking for a partner who will help you engineer best-in-class cable assemblies, HyFiber is here to help! 

What You Can Expect From HyFiber:

At HyFiber Industries LLC, we know how important timely delivery, and product reliability are to your success.  When you work with HyFiber, you’re not just our customer. You are our strategic partner, and your success is our highest priority.

In today’s fast-paced market, HyFiber Industries LLC is able to effectively support your changing requirements in a rapid-response format without sacrificing quality, configuration control, or traceability.

custom fiber cables

Near endless cable configuration options

company mission

Our purpose: To improve and facilitate communication across the globe: One cable, one component, one business, one location at at time.

why choose us

You’ve got a lot of options, and you’re needs are unique. We know how important it is to choose a partner who can be trusted to deliver. Companies across the globe trust HyFiber to deliver our world-class cabling solutions. Here’s why:

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