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Data Centers are complex environments. They are one of the most critical pieces for today’s organizations. Whether your data center is providing cloud solutions for a portfolio of businesses, or serving critical corporate information for your own business, data centers are one of those business functions that “just needs to work”.  

The data center is providing data processing, storage, data backup and cloud storage to name a few. Critical tasks, to say the least. And as speeds continue to skyrocket, demands for reliability and uptime are also skyrocketing. Aside from the investment in technology and infrastructure, the core of any successful data center is built with quality, reliable cabling

Data Center Cabling

This is How HyFiber Can Help

At HyFiber, we provide data center network cabling solutions with a comprehensive lineup of cables and assemblies that serve a variety of data centers including:

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Data Center Cabling Solutions:

Copper Cables and Assemblies

Cables Available in Both Standard And Custom Lengths and Configurations

Most data centers have a combination of copper cables and fiber optic cable assemblies in their data centers. Which is better for data centers, copper or fiber cables?  Each have their merits. At HyFiber, we can supply both off-the-shelf cabling solutions as well as custom-built cables that are carefully designed and built to your exact specifications.

Benefits of Copper Cables in Data Centers

Copper cables play an important role in today’s data centers. With the ability to transmit 100 Gbps via Cat 5e copper cables at a distance of up to 8 meters, copper cables are well-suited for data centers. In data centers, copper cables have proven to be reliable, consume less power (lowering operational costs), and provide low latency. Copper cables are also highly resistant to corrosion. 

Other advantages copper cabling provides in a data center environment is the ability to transmit electrical power as well as data. This is critical for Power Over Ethernet (PoE) applications, including VoIP phones, surveillance cameras and wireless access points. 

Copper cabling for data centers
Fiber optic cables for data center

Fiber Optic Cables and Assemblies

Cables Available in Both Standard And Custom Lengths and Configurations. Pre-termintated Fiber. 

Fiber channel trunk assemblies. Fiber Jumpers.  LC unibody design and standard LC Duplex designs are available.

Of course copper cables and fiber optic cables are built to transmit data. The way they do it is very different. Copper cables rely on electric pulses along the metal cable strands. Fiber optics uses pulses of light across glass threads to transmit data. At HyFiber, we can supply your data center with the highest quality fiber optic cables and fiber optic cable assemblies. 

Benefits of Fiber Optic Cables in Data Centers

For covering long distances, transmitting data at extremely high speeds, or heavy bandwidth concerns, fiber optic cables are the clear winner. With fiber optic cables, your data can carry across at close to the speed of light. Fiber optic cables will also help to future-proof your data center, as today’s fiber optic cables will meet your requirements today, as well as into the future. When thinking about total cost of ownership, data centers built around fiber optic cables are at a significant advantage. 

What You Can Expect From HyFiber:

At HyFiber Industries LLC, we know how important timely delivery, and product reliability are to your success.  When you work with HyFiber, you’re not just our customer. You are our strategic partner, and your success is our highest priority.

In today’s fast-paced market, HyFiber Industries LLC is able to effectively support your changing requirements in a rapid-response format without sacrificing quality, configuration control, or traceability.

Fiber optic cable

Near endless cable configuration options

Cabling for Data Centers

Loose Tube Fiber Installation Services

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