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12-9-2019 – HyFiber and INNO Instrument conduct Fiber 101 Training and Certification

Monday was a big (and LONG) day here at HyFiber! – We conducted Fiber 101 training sponsored and led by both HyFiber and INNO Instrument. Eight network technicians from MLB (Major League Baseball), as well as two representatives from INNO Instrument joined us for our all-day training session on fiber, and INNO fiber splicing and testing equipment. This was such a success that plans are in the works to offer our Fiber 101 training and certification on a quarterly basis, here at HyFiber.

These eight technicians have their hands full maintaining all 30 MLB ballparks.The objective of this training was to build a foundation of knowledge regarding fiber optics, as well as providing them with the knowledge and hands-on experience to be able to repair and test fiber cables in their own environment, eliminating the need to rely on local contractors.

Starting with the basics, we covered what we call “Fiber 101”. Topics included an introduction to fiberglass, what it is, the capabilities and applications of fiber optics, including single mode vs. multimode, microbends versus macrobends in optical fiber, pros and cons of fiber cables vs. copper cables and more.

This was followed by hands-on training on repairing and testing fiber cable ends. Using INNO’s state of the art fiber testing and repair equipment all eight MLB technicians were able to successfully repair fiber cable ends with INNO SOCs (Splice-On Connectors) on both single strand, and ribbon cables. One of the challenges with fiber cables, is testing typically requires someone on each end. With INNO’s View 500 one technician can accomplish this from one end, saving both time and money. Our attendees had the opportunity to receive hands-on training with this powerful tool that is used in the installation and maintenance of fiber optic cables.

At the end of the day, all eight attendees successfully completed both the classroom, and “field” training, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to tackle routine fiber optic maintenance themselves which will provide significant cost and time savings to MLB (Major League Baseball).

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Fiber optic training

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