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Fiber Patch Panels

Better Organize Your Network With a HyFiber-Built Fiber Patch Panel

What Is a Fiber Patch Panel?

Fiber optic networks are complicated. We can help. With a fiber optic patch panel you can centralize the organization of your fiber network, improve your network performance and improve your network security. Consider it a distribution hubOur custom-built fiber boxes are available in a wide variety of sizes including common rack mount sizes and port configurations. All of our fiber box builds are assembled and fully tested here at HyFiber. Your new fiber patch panel will arrive ready to install. 

Benefits of Fiber Patch Panels From HyFiber

Lower Cable Costs

With fiber patch panels you'll be able to use shorter cables, which means reduced cable costs.


With a Fiber Patch Panel in place you've just now simplified the process of adding new devices into your environment. No more need to run cables end-to-end!

Improved Management

With one of our Fiber Patch Panels installed you'll be able to better manage and monitor your network connections and perform routine network maintenance.

Reduced Cable Clutter

Our Network Patch Panels are typically placed close to your equipment, which means shorter patch cables and less mess.

Shopping For Fiber Patch Panels?

A Few Considerations

One thing that set HyFiber apart is the time we invest to ensure you receive the proper solution for your needs, and expected growth, in many cases. In short, we’ll take the time to listen, and make recommendations accordingly. 

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for fiber patch panels:

As always, when you work with HyFiber you’re receiving not only the highest quality products, but also attentive, quality service. 

Fiber Patch Panels

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What You Can Expect From HyFiber:

At HyFiber Industries LLC, we know how important timely delivery, and product reliability are to your success. Building top quality fiber patch panels is a passion of ours at HyFiber, and our goal is to deliver the best-built fiber panels you can find anywhere in the world. When you work with HyFiber, you’re not just our customer. You are our strategic partner, and your success is our highest priority.

In today’s fast-paced market, HyFiber Industries LLC is able to effectively support your changing requirements in a rapid-response format without sacrificing quality, configuration control, or traceability.

Fiber patch panel

Near endless Fiber Panel options

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All Patch Panels Fully Tested Before Shipment

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Our purpose: To improve and facilitate communication across the globe: One cable, one component, one business, one location at at time.

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You’ve got a lot of options, and you’re needs are unique. We know how important it is to choose a partner who can be trusted to deliver. Companies across the globe trust HyFiber to deliver our world-class cabling solutions. Here’s why:

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