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Ever pull a cable end on a switch or server hoping that you guessed right? HyFiber’s new lineup of HyFiber-Evo can eliminate your anxiety. With our Evo traceable fiber and copper cables you’ll now have lights at each end guiding you to the precise location of each cable end. The HyFiber lineup of traceable cables is available in both standard lengths and NOW offered in custom lengths. Even better, our custom cables are all made here in the USA with a 2-3 day lead time on our main products mix.  Here’s how it works:

The EVO Patch Cord comes equipped with a trace button and an LED in each end of its plugs. One press of either trace button activates the LEDs at both ends of the cable, making it easy to identify the location. When activated, the LED blinks for 20 seconds and can be stopped at any time with a second press of the button. Hold the button down for two seconds the LED will blink for 40 seconds. Battery life over 1000 button presses and replaceable one lithium battery cell.

Benefits of our traceable fiber and copper cables

HyFiber EVO traceable patch cords are found in leading data centers nationwide

Benefits of our traceable fiber and copper cables

HyFiber EVO traceable patch cords are found in leading data centers nationwide



POE Cat6 Active Keystone Jack - The EVO POE Active Jack is a category 6 & 6A keystone jack that will snap into a wall plate, surface mount box or keystone patch panel. The EVO AJ (Active Jack) is designed for a network that utilizes POE. Once connected to a POE Switch or mid-span injector Active jack will light up signifying connectivity, instantly identifying what jack is “ACTIVE”.

Lighted fiber cables


EVOF Traceable Fiber Jumper- HyFiber’s EVO Products line presents an innovative solution for fiber patching. The EVO Traceable Fiber Patch Cord is an effective solution for eliminating interconnect errors in high dense interconnect environments.The concept focuses on adding functionality into a simple patch cord to be able to trace the other end of connection.

Traceable Cat6 Cable


EV06 Traceable Patch Cord - HyFiber's patented method that permits the cable ends to be easily identified without unplugging or using special software or tools, makes for a swift and easy identification of the other end of the cable. Disconnection of patch cables is virtually impossible now days, after a simple press of a button at either end of the cable both LED will illuminate both ends.

Cables Available in Both Standard and Custom Lengths

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