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Outdoor Fiber Optic Assemblies?

HyFiber OSP pre-terminated fiber assemblies, or fiber loose tube cables are ideal for outside-plant cable installation. You’ll find loose-tube fiber used for local loop, metro, long-haul and broadband networks. With a loose tube cable design, optical fibers are housed in gel-free buffer tubes. 

What are OSP fiber assemblies, or fiber loose tube cables? Our loose tube cables involves a number of optical fibers (up to 288) that are covered with a water blocking tape, corrugated steel armor, and housed in a semi-rigid plastic jacket. Entering the assembly is done with the included rip cords. 

Common applications for loose-tube fiber is in OSP – Outside Plant applications in which temperature extremes, the ability to withstand rough handling and mechanical disturbances are a priority. In this environment, we’d recommend loose tube cables over tight buffered cables.  Loose tube cables are built to withstand harsh outdoor environments with little to no performance degradation

Loose tube cables are the most commonly used cables outside of the plant (OSP) because they provide greater protection for the fibers under tension, and protect the fibers from moisture with water blocking tape. OSP preterm fiber assemblies from HyFiber are fully tested, built to last, and reduce onsite cable installation time. 

loose tube fiber cable

Fiber Loose Tube Cable




Fiber Count

Available in 12-fiber up to 288-fiber

Standards Compliance

Telcordia® GR-20-CORE
RDUP PE-90 Designation MLT ICEA S-87-640-2011 RoHS-compliant



-40°C to +70°C


-30°C to +70°C

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At HyFiber Industries LLC, we know how important timely delivery, and product reliability are to your success.  When you work with HyFiber, you’re not just our customer. You are our strategic partner, and your success is our highest priority.

In today’s fast-paced market, HyFiber Industries LLC is able to effectively support your changing requirements in a rapid-response format without sacrificing quality, configuration control, or traceability.

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