HyFiber Industries LLC


Fiber Optic Cables & Assemblies

Cable assemblies, jumper trunks, hybrid cables (fiber and power under one jacket).
Custom manufactured cables and wire harnesses built to strict standards. Domestically manufactured from our plant in Texas, our cabling solutions include limitless options, and are individually tested:

➡ Any Length
➡ Up to 144 Strand Counts
➡ Pre-Terminated Cables
➡ Fiber Patch Panels
➡ Harnesses
➡ Single Mode or Multimode
➡ Variety of jackets: Indoor only, Indoor/Outdoor, Outdoor only, Armored

Need Custom Cabling?

You’ve Found the Right Company!

Custom Copper Cable Assemblies

Cut to your length. Color coded and terminated to your exact specifications.
Have a need for copper cable assemblies? We can design, build, test and ship copper cable assemblies custom-built for your specific needs. With our factory-terminated cable assemblies, there's no need to terminate them in the field, saving both time and money.

➡ Cat5e and Cat6 Patch Cords
➡ DS1 Copper Cables
➡ DS3 Copper Cables
➡ Telco Copper Cables
➡ Industry Leading Products
➡ Endless Selection of Connector Types

► Have an idea on a napkin? ► Already have detailed specifications? ► Not sure?

Whatever the case, we're happy to guide you to the correct solution!

Custom Box Builds

HyFiber cable assemblies, custom-built box and pre-termination = Fully Certified Solution.
Built to strict standards, our custom patch panels or box builds are manufactured and fully tested at our plant in Texas. One main advantage of using a custom built patch panel from HyFiber is simplified management of your wired network, as well as easier network troubleshooting. We can incorporate virtually any type of positive locking connectors you may need.

company mission

Our purpose: To improve and facilitate communication across the globe: One cable, one component, one business, one location at at time.

why choose us

You’ve got a lot of options, and you’re needs are unique. We know how important it is to choose a partner who can be trusted to deliver. Companies across the globe trust HyFiber to deliver our world-class cabling solutions. Here’s why:

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