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Distributor of StayOnline Power Cords

StayOnline has the largest selection of power cords in the world. Their line of power connectivity solutions is regarded as best in class, which aligns perfectly with our mission at HyFiber. Our goals are to provide best in class service and products, and we’re very selective when making recommendations.  HyFiber has been selected as a distribution partner for StayOnline, and we couldn’t be happier to be able to offer their power solutions to our customers. 

StayOnline Power Cord Solutions

Featured Product: Dual Lock Power Cords

StayOnline’s dual lock power cords are the standard when it comes to ensuring data center, or network uptime. Their Molded Cords undergo a rigorous 23 point quality inspection to ensure that you receive products that meet the most strict quality and safety standards. We carry the entire lineup of StayOnline power cords, and can supply or provide recommendations for your specific needs Their IEC 60320 C14 to C13 Cords – Dual-Lock are among the most popular. 

C14 to C13 Dual Lock Cords



With StayOnline's Dual Lock power cords, you can secure a C14 to a C13 outlet and prevent accidental disconnects. By converting your server room or data center to locking power cords, you can minimize costly downtime from inadvertent disconnects, reducing your overall operational costs.

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