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UL 508A Control Panel Certified

Committed to Quality AND Safety

As part of our commitment to building the highest quality and safest control panels, HyFiber is now compliant with the UL 508A Standard For Industrial Control Panels. You can be assured that your industrial control panel from HyFiber meets UL’s nationally recognized safety standards.

UL certified control panels
UL certified control panels

According to the official definition by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), industrial control panels (ICPs) are defined by the National Electrical Code (NEC) Section 409.2 as “an assembly of two or more power circuit components, control circuit components, or any combination of power and control circuit components. These components are typically switches, terminal blocks, contactors, motor drives, transformers, overcurrent protective devices and the like.”

The UL508A standard ensures that rigorous standards and other codes are met.

The best designed industrial control panels aren’t always the safest. It’s not easy to build control panels that comply with UL508A. Without getting into the weeds too much, UL508A requires industrial control panel builders to include a short circuit rating (SCCR) on industrial control panels. This practice is in place to improve safety.

This is another reason so many companies choose to work with HyFiber as their favored custom cable manufacturer and industrial control panel builder. Whether it’s pre-terminated fiber cable assemblies, custom copper cable assemblies, or a build-to-order industrial control panel, HyFiber delivers industry-leading quality and support. 

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Our purpose: To improve and facilitate communication across the globe: One cable, one component, one business, one location at at time.

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You’ve got a lot of options, and you’re needs are unique. We know how important it is to choose a partner who can be trusted to deliver. Companies across the globe trust HyFiber to deliver our world-class cabling solutions. Here’s why:

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